Thursday, September 15, 2005

I should have taken pictures

I SHOULD have taken pictures, I really should have… Before, during and after the extreme make-over we gave the young wan’s room this week.

I suppose my reasoning not to was that I would be mortified to allow pictures of how the young wan’s room looked before to an audience other than family and friends.

And it really was bad. The current ‘tidy that bloody room’ stretch and it has been a stretch of the incarceration type for both of us, has lasted since July.

Before she started back to school, before we even went on holiday at the start of August, I have been going mad about the state of her room. Really mad, it has been a complete disgrace.

I have been refusing point blank to clean it up, but as it is the first thing you see when you walk into the flat, it cannot be ignored.

So I decided a while ago to order one of those high-sleeper type beds where we could put what she needs underneath and chuck out everything else.

That was the idea.

It’s like this only a lot bigger and without the added extras on the bottom

As each day would pass, the room would look remarkably the same. Sometimes it would look tidyish, then the next day it would look like a bomb hit it.

I would go bananas.

Anyhow for the last week, I have been on her back for her to finally, once and for all, sort out the room.

All day Sunday, well that’s lie, in between her pals calling to the door, some of the room was done.

She was up late and cleared out a good bit, leaving most of it all over the place, all over the flat, all over my room.

Then the new bed arrived at 8am on Monday morning. I managed to lug the two large boxes up two flights of stairs.

It took me three hours to put up the frame, because I kept having to take it apart as it was badly marked and instead of attaching pole one to pole three and pole two to pole four, I am not sure what I did but it needed redone four times till it was right. I never realised there were so many different combinations of one, two, three and four.

On top of all this I had to finish cleaning, sorting and gutting out her room on Monday. In between the flat back large boxes full of bits and pieces that should eventually become a marvellous double bed, I kept having to lie down because I felt absolutely wretched.

Somehow, with the help of my pal M, who came to the rescue after work, we managed to have it all up and done by 9.30pm. Well bar one protective bar which would not go up, no way no how.

By 11pm, the young wan was still walking about picking things up one at a time from my bed, which was covered in all manners of shite.

Already snapping, tired, drained and still ill, I made her go back and fill her arms, otherwise I was in danger of never reaching my own bed again.

Three days on and the room still isn’t finished. The poor young wan got sick in the school the next day and is currently lying feeling urrgrghh on the sofa with the dog happily curled up on top of her.

Soon soon the room will be done and I will be able to walk past without having a heart attack.

I really should have taken pics of the before, during and after, and then again maybe that’s a good thing.


thordora said...

I'm sure I'll be eating these words in about ten years, but wouldn't it be easier to just close her door, and hope that nothing grows legs?

This seems to REALLY stress you out. Did my dad too when I was young, until I pointed out that at least the mess was confined to my room....

doris said...

I'm like that and wish I'd taken more before pics.... just so that you can feel such a sense of achievement by comparing.

As for kids rooms Urgh! The amount of times I have done nice things to get the kids rooms sorted, organised, decorated and they still don't manage them.

Well done though and hope she gets better soon and you keep well :-)

Emma in Canada said...

THose sleeper beds are a curse! My daughter had one and it was impossible to make the bed because it was so high up...never mind changing the sheets! I don't know what yours is like to wake up in the morning, but the high bed is terrible for not being able to reach up and pull the blankets off. The bed is currently sitting in my garage.