Monday, September 12, 2005

Catch the pigeon...

HERE'S a letter I read in the Evening Herald Wednesday evening. And I laughed loud and hard, a bit embarrassing on the bus.

I appeal to all parents to reprimand their children who deliberately run after and kick pigeons and other birds.

I have witnessed this cruel pastime on many occasions in parks, on beaches and in the city centre. The amazing thing is their ignorant parents get defensive when you highlight the situation.

These harmless wild birds deserve protection and I would like to ask your readers to speak up for them when they see this cruelty taking place.
B. Wright, Alliance for Animal Rights


Is it just me or is this just madness? Now don’t get me wrong I would be the first to say something to anyone I saw actually being cruel to an animal. But this is verging on nonsense.

Both me and the young wan have enjoyed immensely running after pigeons when she was a toddler, it reminds of the other simple pleasures like snowangels and kicking autumn leaves.

It was mighty craic to run after them, we didn’t want to catch them that wasn’t the point. It was seeing them flying up around you, magnificent. Even the doggie loves it. She will spent an hour running around the park after every bird, normally pigeons, and no matter how fast she is, she hasn’t a hope of even getting near them.

Anyway I always bring a ball for control as she loses all rhyme and reason around balls and nothing else will distract her. Pigeons are fast and we have all seen them land in the middle of the road to peck at something only to fly away with some traffic arrives.


So should we post warning signs for motorists to be watchful for pigeons on all roads everywhere?

I have immense respect for nature however if this person ever stopped me to say nonsense like that, I would probably not be defensive; instead it would probably be something like ‘ach catch yerself on!”

I wonder if this letter was a joke, part of me thinks it must be particularly given the author is called B Wright!!!

MayB Wrong more like…


Anonymous said...
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JL Pagano said...

To be fair, I have seen young kids do a lot worse than innocently chase after pigeons so they fly away, something I used to do myslef as a child.

Nowadays, they throw stones, they spit, and do whatever they can to relieve their boredom and satisfy their sadistic tendencies. I was sitting in Stephens Green one day and I saw four lads no more than eleven doing this - or should I say, three were throwing stuff at the pigeons, one was rolling a joint.

Having said all of that, I can think of a lot worse things to confront parents about in their children's behaviour than chastisement of pigeons.

Twenty Major said...

Pigeons are cunts. I heartily endorse booting, clubbing and stamping them. If you can catch the little fuckers.

thordora said...

pigeons aren't idiots. They move.

What about the people who eat them? Where's that letter?

Ah, people with nothing better to do....

doris said...

Hmmm. Firstly - thanks for the feast of pigeon pics..... I don't really have a thing for them but you do have an eye for them!

I don't agree with B Wright's letter that they are harmless.... are they not actually vermin and cause problems?

However, I'm afraid I don't share the joy of chasing pigeons. I'm not sure it is a game in which they are willing participants. Simple as that.

Doris D'killjoy


Red Mum said...

Just to be clear, I am not endorsing cruelty. And I don't chase pigeons now well not since I was a child.

But it was just one of those memories I love of my daughter laughing heartily as a toddler. And she never had a hope of catching them, which as I said was never part of the attraction.

Its not about inflicting pain on them, and its no more than them having to get off the road when a car comes or indeed off a path when a dog comes.

Oh and in case it read wrong, I don't allow the dog to chase birds cos I would be very upset if she caught one, hence the ball to distract her.

Oh and I can't stand pigeons either, but they do make great models!

And I dont think you are a killjoy Doris, I am probably just a bit mad! I still kick autumn leaves though.

JL Pagano said...

Ah come on now redmum, sure autumn leaves are people too, you don't want to offend B Wright any further...

Red Mum said...

LOL heartily....

I do worry about hedgehogs!!! They wouldnt stand a chance with my right kick!

Col said...

Hi Red Mum!
At Belfast city hall, you see kids purposely trying to kick pigeons and stamp on them. So I can guess where this guy is coming from. And remember, pigeons provide a free form of entertainment for many an old person with a loaf of bread...

Sorry for not responding sooner. I'm been off work ill for the past while. Thanks for shortlisting me on Blog Day! A link to your blog appears on my blog, which hopefully will send some traffic your way! Col x

doris said...

I love it when the Autumn leaves have dried and are crunchy underfoot. So fulfilling! :-)