Saturday, July 02, 2005

Make Poverty History - Live8

THE Live 8, Make Poverty History concert has just kicked off in Hyde Park with U2 and Paul McCartney belting out Sgt Pepper. Fantastic.



Brings me right back to back to Live Aid which I watched with my best mate with her sisters and other friends from our street in her living room with all the duvets, pillows and cushions from their house all over the floor and us lying on top of them all.


Fair play, now when you think of it, that her parents left us that room for the whole day, we watched from the beginning of London to the end of the American concert.

We taped our favourite bands so we could watch them over and over again, and we did.

And many amazing iconic performances happened that day, Queen, U2, The Who, Madonna, David Bowie, the list goes on and on.

While neither of us were into Madonna at that time, we both wanted her outfit and Sade’s too, remember it was a very cool, backless white haulterneck.


But the message of the day was not lost on us, not at all. We bought the records, (though we didn’t send them the f*cking money, sorry Bob, we were 14 and at that time our parents didn’t have credit cards), we ran the world, OKAY, we walked most of the way, and we did what we could for the age that we were.

'Sorry Bob'

Let’s hope this people-power with all the events, demos, campaigns happening shows the leaders of the G8 summit the right and decent thing to do. Make Poverty History, now is the time.


In Africa:

a child dies every three seconds from extreme poverty,

each day:

4,000 die from a mosquito bite,

9,000 die from treatable Aids related illnesses.

“We’re not looking for charity, we are looking for Justice” – Bono



doris said...

It's been brilliant, hasn't it. May this be a force for change, a force for good.

To have all these billions of minds enjoying the music but underlined with the G8 message. That has to effect people.

Anonymous said...

I am that friend and i remember the day very well. It was great...and i knew you'd write about it today!!! How cool!