Monday, June 06, 2005

Chuffed to bits I am

I GET the Sunday Tribune each week but somehow today with all the happenings of an Irish bank holiday, I haven't yet finished reading it yet and in doing that nearly missed something wonderful...

In between the normal Sunday routine in my house, I decided to log on this evening and have a look at the visitor stats on the site and was amazed to see the number of hits from Ireland today.

I found this a bit strange, blog explosion is great and I generally find the vast majority of my visitors are from America so curiosity aroused I clicked into one of the referring pages that brought someone to my site and found a reference to redmum in the Sunday Tribune printed today.

So I checked it out and found an article where someone is talking about my post, amongst others, entitled 'Don't talk to me about U2'.

I was so delighted, I phoned one friend only she was in bed (sorry bout that Jordie) and then phoned the lovely man who didn't know about the site at all and so one hasty explanation ensued. (I haven't really told anyone about the site yet, in case they think I should stick to the day job). The call was all the sweeter because he had the Tribune to hand and could see the article in all it's glory.

If you'd like to see( ah go on, go on, go on, go ON...) you can check it out here (chest swells with pride).

Sure I'm wildly chuffed... Thanks Joe Bloggs! And hopefully the ticketloser doesn't read the Tribune...

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NOTR said...

Congrats if you heard that crack cocaine was addictive...this blogging thingy is worse, much worse...and when "they" start reading it, it's devine!

Welcome to the habit (LOL)!