Wednesday, April 06, 2005

* clear the gangway...

LIVING close to the city in Dublin , it has always made more sense to travel by public transport. However, all that changed this morning.

It was 8.55am and I was standing on the top deck of the bus waiting to get off behind a group of chattering tourists, whom I asked 'are you getting off', to be told 'yes' when the bus began to pull off and away from the stop.

Impatiently, because travelling on would make me late for work when I wasn't, I pushed the bell a couple of times only to be told by one of the waiting tourists ' I did that already'. So I waited until the next stop, only to have the tourists stand like complete eejits again while the bus pulled off. So ringing the bell again, the driver stopped the bus and I squeezed my way past all the buck eejits who were still standing on the stairs.

And what do you think the tourists did, yup, they stood like tools doing nothing. So thank you all for making me late for work!


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