Monday, March 09, 2009

Tax dodging - 365

Taxc Dodging midget

(Tuesday, March 3rd)


Anonymous said...

Tax dodging midget? Queer? *Sigh* Where is the original graffiti gone? There was something written about this in the IT at the weekend also I think. Where are the glasses and black teeth? :-) Then it would be juvenile.

Unknown said...

Ha ha funny funny. While the queer comment is juvenile the tax dodging midget is quite apt. I think Ill blog about this myself :D

Pro said...

Walked by this yesterday. I enjoyed it :-)!

Anonymous said...

Tax Dodging Midget


A man more on the fence than the edge

Larry Goeghan's love child

Anonymous said...

What is juvenile is the idiotic commentary made about these guys tax affairs which ignores two glaring facts. Among other things, Bono and others were the first to force the hand of the US Government to write off the outrageous and crippling debts which were destroying their economies. Secondly the fact that the band takes advantage of tax laws here to maximise their profits is not illegal and given they are primarily a multinational conglomerate makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...
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