Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Facebook organised vigil happening next Wednesday, Dec 10

PLANS are well underway for next week's vigils as part of the ongoing campaign calling on Harney to reinstate the HPV vaccine.

We were talking about trying to coordinate events in different cities and I am delighted that Sorcha within the Facebook group has organised a vigil in Cork, there maybe more and if there are I will post the details.

So if you are in Dublin on Wednesday, December 10th at 6.30pm please come along to Dail Eireann where the Dublin event is taking place. If you are in Cork again on Wednesday at 6.30pm the vigil will be taking place at Daunts Square. Full details of both events will be posted closer to the date within the group.

Candlelit Vigil

Even if you can't come you can help by downloading the poster either as a PDF or from Flickr and display it in your workplace and email it to your family and friends. We are also calling on people to email Harney again to express your disgust at this decision, her email is minister'

Lastly the Facebook group from where we are organising all this has reached 10,000 members which is absolutely amazing. It also shows how successful the Facebook ads are, thanks Gavin, who did all the work and more on the ad campaign. And thank you all for your help. And eh here's hoping people turn up ;)

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Anonymous said...

I won't be in Dublin to join you so I'll light a candle here at home.

Rojo said...

I'm going to try and get to this to take some photographs!