Monday, December 15, 2008

Damn you

DAMN you whoever you are. If you were one of the canny people who queued at Lidl this morning to get their offer of an image tablet in all of the Dublin City Centre stores leaving none in any of the three city centre stores, damn you ;) I couldn't believe it, they were sold out by 10am!!! Well now I know the game and the next time I'll be there before the store opens.


Hopefully Lidl or Aldi will stock them again soon. I've been wanting one for ages but the cost of them is ridiculous. Even second-hand on ebay the cost wasn't as good as the €50 for that one.

Maybe if I can stand to hear how they work, those early-birds can tell me what the tablet is like.


Sharon McDaid said...

I've wanted to get one of those for Duncan for ages. Must see if there are any left in my local Lidl.

Red Mum said...

Sharon, I was just checking there to see if there are on sale up north and they are!! Just asking a pal now to check her local store for me, they are £38.99.

Katherine said...

Yep, I was too late too! They're on ebay though, for a slightly higher price.

The Great Wee Azoo said...

You can get a Wacom Tablet on Amazon for less than £35.

Catherine said...

I was too late also to get one for my newly graduated graphic design son who has been on about one for ages. This looked like a steal compared to ones he had looked at on the web, smaller and unaffordable for an impoverished student and his parents. If you hear of them again post it quickly!

Red Mum said...

@the great wee azoo I have seen them on ebay, but until I do miracles on my credit card, ebay aint happening. Turns out anyway Nanny's pal managed to get one in Belfast. Apparently they weren't as popular up north :)

@Catherine Will do I imagine they will be back again and I'll let you know. But you should also check out the Aldi and Lidl websites they post their offers every Monday and Thursday (one of them does can't remember which one and the other updates not as often).

Hope that made sense but I can never remember which is which.