Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What a night, Obama President-elect

WHAT A night, stayed up too late, got up too late. But happy, I'm very happy. Well done Obama and to everyone who campaigned to put him in the White House. Wow the first black president, I am thrilled to see the day.


And to Irish people see what can be done? Decisions are in our hands, but of course we have to vote. We cannot be jaded about this, if you don't vote you leave decisions that concern you to others. I am at the point now, and particularly enthused by last night and events of recent weeks here in Ireland, where the standard response from people of having no interest in politics won't wash because your refusal to exercise one of the most fought after and most important things you possess, your vote, hits me and my family hard.


Anonymous said...

It's a pity that we in Ireland weren't as interested in things that concern us on a more fundamental level - i.e. the Lisbon Treaty Referendum - as we all appeared to be in the American election. What outcome would we have had to the Lisbon Referendum had we informed ourselves to the same degree that we informed ourselves on Barack Obama and John McCain and their policies and plans.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red Mum, its the dream achieved. I remember hearing Martin Luther King's speech, and earlier today those words came to mind. Am following Ian McG on his blog.

Anonymous said...

I think what it comes down to is the knowledge available. Shocking as it may seem, a lot of my (twentysomething) peers just aren't clued-in enough about Irish politics to know what way to vote. Seriously, I've had conversations with people who just do not know the difference between FF and FG. Whereas I think anyone in the world who had a passing interest in news would be aware of the policies Obama and McCain each stood for. Also, there's not a single politician in Ireland that can speak to literally all walks of life like Obama does - they're all extremely unrelatable.

Unknown said...

for the first time (sadly, I admit) I was actually EXCITED to vote and to be an American. The old guard is exiting...ding dong the witch is dead.

Vive Obama!