Thursday, November 06, 2008

Harney's statement in the Dáil

HARNEY made a statement on her cervical cancer vaccine decision, I have more footage of the questions put to her by other TDs at the end of the debate, but it is about half an hour long and am not sure if even google video can handle that.

I was also thinking if people wanted to send me on the photographs of their daughters I will compile them together into a video which we can also send to Minister Harney. If I don't get many I won't bother understanding that people are not comfortable with it.

And many thanks to people for acting on this, I received a copy of my post back to my work email before lunchtime. Don't forget to email Harney with pics of your daughters minister'


JL Pagano said...

There is only one way I could possibly spin this to put Harney in a good light.

If the PD's meet over the weekend and decide to disband which in turns leads to her resignation as M for H and C, then it was better for her to make this announcement now rather than leave it to her successor.

If not, then she's worse than I thought she was, which was pretty bad.

Red Mum said...

@JLPagano my opinion of her has never been too high, not after her single parent attacks over the years.

Anonymous said...

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Perdeci said...

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