Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I RECENTLY bought the Young Wan a new ipod and the sound level has not only been driving me nuts and can be heard via her ear-plug plugged ears from the next room, not to mention from outside the house, but must also be doing damage, serious damage to her ears.

It has been one of those times where I know she pacifies me and turns it down before slowly and surely turning it back up again.

Her last ipod had the volume set and I could not remember where or how I did it, but I discovered it this evening. So the maximum volume has been turned down by a third and I locked it with a combination number, one she doesn't know! I am actually laughing to myself that she didn't get there before me. Excellent and thank god for that.


Declan said...

Ah, but now your secret is out and she'll know to change it herself next time. :-)

Spudgy said...

Its the head phones....the ones supplied with the Ipod are rubbish. I had to check my other half didn't play theirs to loudly before they went of on a airplane!!

Red Mum said...

@Declan, not if I get my hands on it first.

@Spudgy, I supppose the ear phones have a bit to do with it but it was really loud.

She has complained she cannot hear it now, but tough really.

Anonymous said...

haha! I love it (evil cackle)