Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St Patrick's Day, Dublin 2008

WELL the weather held for St Patrick's Day yesterday in Dublin and although it was cold the sun was shining on the thousands of people lining the streets for the parade.

Unless you have a good vantage spot the parade is actually a frustrating time of being squashed and looking at the back of people's heads. I have also never been able to work out those adults who push their way to the front. Okay if you have children and want to keep a close eye on them but if you are an adult and by pushing to the front have prevented a child from seeing all the fun, shame on you. You might as well start mugging children for their sweets.

The Young Wan may be 16 years old now, but is still entitled to see some of the action and not the back of this very inconsiderate man who couldn't keep to the one spot. Any time there was a break in heads meaning that we were actually able at points here and there to see the parade, he, despite being at the front, would shift his head to the only available free spot. Nice. This is a yearly occurrence and one that I find amazing each year.

I was also floored by the very large older man who brought a step ladder for the kids with him. He was behind the Young Wan, the next time I looked he had shifted her over until she was behind him. Seriously what is with that?

So after a frustrating 45 mins we headed home and had a better vantage point at one of the barriers put up to stop people cutting onto the parade route.

But fair play to all the participants, those who made the costumes and floats and all the organisers. Despite not seeing that much, what I did manage to catch a glimpse of was fantastic. Some images are already on Flickr and I'll finish uploading the rest this evening as well as putting some up on pix.ie.

St Patrick's Day 2008 Dublin

St Patrick's Day 2008 Dublin

St Patrick's Day 2008 Dublin

St Patrick's Day 2008 Dublin


Artful Kisser said...

Love the colour in the first pic. Very striking.

Unknown said...

Hi, just wondering if you have any photos of the last section in the parade..?
I was a wave and we can't find any photos of our pagent.

Anonymous said...

I was over in Dublin at the St Patrick's Day parade with some friends from Manchester,the parade itself was fantastic, great floats and costumes, but I would like to see more Irish dancers and music, it needs more music over all and a few less marching bands. we also had a man behind with a ladder (we were in O'Connell St) and had two men in front who would not move for the children. Maybe they could print some leaflets in various languages next year to let kids up front.Not enough Gardai especially afterwards. still better than it used to be
Maurice Dunne