Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

WHILE there are lots of fireworks going off around me the build-up to tonight has not been as noisy or as bad as in previous years. But they are going off tonight.

I snapped some of the various Halloween things that I spied throughout the day as well as attempting to capture the fireworks and I mean attempt. They were a bit a way and I was hand-holding the long lens. There were loads of different things to snap today, I caught a guy in face paint on a bike at lunchtime, a fornlorn and lonely pumpkin left out on bins and a company's festive door-decorating.

There were also loads of things I missed, such as on the way home where a gang of what appeared to be angels and devils meeting up at the Spire (it was dark and I was travelling by on a bus) to the rest of the mad assortment of costumes. Anywhere here's what I did manage to catch.




Phibsboro Fireworks


John Braine said...

Yeah it was mad loud for a while. I thought the Mater was going to blow up at one stage.

Red Mum said...

A crowd of bananas, literally, went mad outside my flat at one stage, scaring the doggie, was seriously surprised they caused no damage.

Red Mum said...

Actually I'm not far from the Mater either, though it certainly wasn't confined to Dublin 7!

kate said...

It sounds like your Hallowe'en is more rowdy there than here. Maybe that's because it was cold and no one was much inclined to hang out.