Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Reading on the bus

I'VE done my fair share of lengthy commuting to work, approximately five years worth, and an absolute necessity when travelling on public transport is something to read.

If you are on a journey that might take an hour not only is a newspaper and/or a book essentialI find my camera comes in handy as well. So once my Metro was finished this morning I took out the camera and started looking around.

I took a couple of pics before I realised I had a theme going. So here you go. Reading on (and in the last image off) the bus. There are loads more of my commuting on the bus on a slideshow on Flickr here, seems I spend a lot of time on buses and trains...

Reading on the bus

Reading on the bus -  Self Portrait of sorts

Reading on the bus

Reading on the bus

Not reading on the bus


Claire B said...

Love these photos. Fantastic slideshow. Makes me all nostalgic for the no. 10!

Anonymous said...

Does the sound of the shutter not prompt people to turn around and look?

Flirty Something said...

almost makes me want to get on a bus - nearly

Red Mum said...

b: Is it possible to be nostalgic for the number 10, if so, delighted to oblige ;)

Gareth: You would be surprised just how people ignore you on the bus. So far, fingers crossed, I haven't upset anyone at all.

Flirtysomething: ha!