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RM March 30 - banned from town

TWO in a row today, I've found it hard in recent weeks to blog, never mind catch up on others' blogs, never mind post something that is already done and dusted like The Echo Red Mum column, so here is last week's on being grounded. I'll post this week's effort on Sunday about Bebo.

RM March30

Banned from town

That’s the last time ever. No more trips to town for the Young Wan.

Despite being grounded for the recent phone bill which some of you may remember, I allowed the Young Wan’s pal to come down from county Meath and stay for the night.

She’s had a recent falling out with some pals, a pretty horrible one even for teen standards with lots of added teen-drama for added umph and I decided that she was in need of a lovely night with a lovely friend.

To add injury (as you will understand by the end of this piece) to my magnanimousness I also said they should go into town, hang out, have fun and here’s 20 euro, buy yourself something great.

However this all pinned on the room being done. Yeah yeah I am back to the bastion of filth that is her room.

Although in fairness to me I have recently taken to just shutting her room door and attempt to ignore it’s calls of ‘you should see the state of me’ cue manic laughing ‘OH YEAH you should see the state of me’.

My biggest problem with the room is that I do not think it has been tidy once in months and months and months. You might think that’s an exaggeration but it really isn’t.

Anyway I told the Young Wan that there was no way someone would come to stay in her room the state it was in so it had to be done.

She also had to tidy my bedroom as being a small flat it is unfortunately another room for her to hurricane through. And she did hurricane through it on Sunday getting ready to go into town for the afternoon.

The finishing touches to her outfit were provided by me, ‘No you cannot wear my long black velvet coat to go out in, try this one’. On my lovely wee jacket went and if I say so myself she looked beautiful.

Though the two of them looked gorgeous the flat was looking the worse for wear to say the least.

Of course the girls left the music on LOUD in the Young Wan’s bedroom so I went in prepared to see a half-done room but even that drop in what was actually asked for would be disappointed; the only word to describe the room was mayhem. Complete and utter mayhem.

But I took a deep breath, turned off the music and left the room shutting the door behind me. That would be something to be done either during or after her pal went home, but it would be done before school.

They were due to be back by 6pm and from 5.50pm I watched for buses and at 6.02pm off they hopped with the Young Wan looking decidedly different to how she looked going into town.

While her pal looked the same, the Young Wan came back looking like an extra from a Marilyn Manson/Cure video.

She was sporting a new Kurt Kobain t-shirt, long and black, a very pale face and black lipstick smeared all over her face.

I don’t think the smearing was meant to be part of the look but this is the child with food down the front of most jumpers so it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

She came in laughing and having a ball saying ‘this girl was giving me funny looks on the bus’.

I’m sure she was.

Then I went ‘where’s my jacket?’

Young Wan: “Ehhhhmm, I was trying something on in Penny’s and I ehm well I left it there. We went back and it was gone.”

So not only did she come home looking like an eejit knowing that I would not be happy about that but she was so bloody blasé about losing my coat.

I hit the roof and I haven’t gone down yet. So there will be no more trips to town and I am now courting a very (un)fetching Kurt Kobain t-shirt. 20 euro and its yours!

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