Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Word verification thingiemabobby

DUE to a ridiculous amount of spamming, I have had to turn on the word verification thingiemabobby, which I didnt want to do because I know that some of my visitors do not know their arse from their elbow here and I wanted it to be easy for them to comment.

You know it's true Jordie (who incidentally has the knack of commenting on a blog post on my flickr account and then getting wildly confused about what has happened). In fact Jordie managed one time to email me her comments instead of posting them.

So to those spammers, I do not want a coat for my dog, she has one and neither the young wan or I would be seen dead walking the dog with it on, though we do have great fun and laughs sticking it on her now and again. I am not giving money to the person whose car was repossessed and I am not going to follow a link for tips on adsense. You will all be deleted.

Little red riding dog

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Red Mum said...

Just testing to see if this works... TESTING

David Todd said...

It works. In case you start to miss spam I found this @


Spam I Am

My name is Spam.
Spam I Am.
I have some stuff I'd like to sell.
Take a look! It's really swell!

I do not want your worthless spam.
I do not want it, Spam I Am.

Spam I Am:
$500 software that really rocks!
Just 20 bucks--still in the box!

You are really full of bunk.
I do not want your bootleg junk!
I do not want your worthless Spam.
I do not want it Spam I Am.

Spam I Am:
How about some fast cash?
Fifty Thousand in a flash!!!

How stupid do you think I am?
I won't join your shady scam.
You are a sucker, you silly gitch.
If it worked, we'd all be rich!
I do not want your worthless spam.
I do not want it Spam I Am.

Spam I Am:
Check out this great idea of mine!
For Web Hosting and Design!

I went to your site; it really sucks!
For this you're charging lots of bucks?
You could at least learn to spell.
Why don't you just go to hell.
I do not want your worthless spam.
I do not want it Spam I Am.

Don't pretend your ads are new.
You insult us when you do.
I won't buy your worthless stocks.
Our heads are not full of rocks
Stop it Spam. Enough's enough.
I do not want your trashy stuff!
I do not want your damn spam!
I do not want it Spam I Am!

Doris said...

I'm of the same feeling but felt it was best to switch on the verification. I can't remember some of the bizarre stuff I am supposed tobe interested in but I just delete any spam posts usually quite quickly. Waste of their time.... unless of course it is all automated.

Before, I could ping my blog and then get spam within a minute!