Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trinity walking tours - 365

Trinity Walking Tours - 365
(July 14th)

have to, at some stage, get a pic of those tours with the tour leader walking up front holding an umbrella or mini placard.

Speaking of tour leaders some of you may be interested in this weekend's photowalk (Saturday July 18th, 12pm Custom House) which has been organised by John McAWilliams in conjunction with the World Wide Photo Walks coordinated by Scott Kelby. There was a sign-up, which is full, but that just means you are not able to enter the competitions associated with the walk; it doesn't mean you can't come along.

I missed the sign-up last year but it didn't stop me (and a gang of us) from joining in anyway. I can normally know who to expect at photowalks but there was a whole new crowd of snappers I hadn't come across before which was brilliant. So we are meeting at noon at the Custom House, do email John to let him know you are coming (as there are always stragglers); details of that are on the Dublin page.

(Incidentally this isn't just happening in Dublin, there's also one in Cashel (with places left), Cork (with places left), Limerick (with places left), Limerick (Adare) (with places left) and Galway (with places left). Click on the links for more information on how to sign up and where and when to meet.

You can find out more about the World Wide Photowalks on the website.

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