Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sugarsnap peas - 365

Sugarsnap peas - 365

My sugarsnap peas are doing well though I didn't get as many plants as last year. Its my fault as I grew this year's batch where I grew last year's and they don't like that (of course I found this out after the fact, something about nitrogen rich soil). There is also sweetpea plant growing here which a couple of weeks ago had me believing I had gotten a packet of dud seeds (sweetpea and not sugarsnap pea) but it must have either been an errand one or a straggler from last year.

How and ever the plants that are growing are doing well, I have two small troughs of peas, one planted a lot later than this one. Again a small percentage of what I planted took, but even they are starting to flower.

It is amazing what you can grow in a small place, even a concrete small place. I'll post more pics over the weekend of my efforts.
(July 8th)

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