Monday, July 20, 2009

Scott Kelby photowalk - 365

I WENT out on Saturday with a huge group of snappers for the Scott Kelby photowalk organised by McAWillams. I love photowalks and try to get to as many as I can, normally they are a smaller more intimate affair. Saturday's (now in its second year) Scott Kelby photowalk attracted some 60 attendees in Dublin with nearly 50 showing up on the day.

I personally find that amount of people too big for photowalking but that is not a criticism of the event at all and probably shows how successful these now annual walks are more than anything else.

For me this amount of people meant at the very least sometimes waiting for someone in the group to walk out of your shot, or someone's head popping into your shot at the last minute, or setting up a shot and having others join in and shoot it too (I'm sure I'm as guilty of these things as anyone). And in fairness (while sometimes a little mildly annoying) all these things I suppose just add to the challenge of trying to get some shots you're happy with. So while I am saying all that, I will definitely do next year's so its nothing that would put me off in the slightest.

While there's some duplication of shots (but not as many as you would think), there are fantastic variations in how people saw the same thing; so do check out everyone's contribution on Pixie. And if you are interested you can check out all the other photographs I took here, with more to go up over the next day/s.

We have to pick two images for the competition, so any thoughts on which ones I should choose? I'm steering towards the lads crowded under umbrellas or the orange umbrella one with the black and white building background. Do let me know what you think in the comments.

Finally, well done to John for the day, particularly managing a crowd like that - no mean feat, especially with hecklers like Rymus.

Scott Kelby photowalk

Scott Kelby photowalk

Scott Kelby photowalk

Scott Kelby photowalk

Pigeons - Scott Kelby photowalk

Scott Kelby photowalk


Jennifer Farley said...

I love the orange umbrella and the one with the kids on the bikes. A young terrorist in the making there in the balaclava!

Christina Brosnan said...

Stunning images! I may have to try out these photowalks myself!

Mrs. Mundane said...

Love the orange umbrella against the monochrome fascia of the building. Fab!