Friday, July 03, 2009

Office growing - 365

Happy Tomato plants - 365

(July 3rd)

I'VE been growing a lot of things this year not only my yarden but also on the windowsill in work. These four tomato plants seem to love our hothouse office, today I spotted the beginnings of tiny flowers. I was supposed to repot them about two to three weeks before I actually did, I just kept forgetting to bring soil, sticks and pots into work. When I finally remembered they shot right up. You can see their (sortof) progress in the bottom pics.

Meanwhile my other tomato plants at home have lots of flowers on them (must remember to bring in tomato feed for the work plants on Monday), I'm hoping for lots of tomatoes this year. I'll definitely do this again next year, at the very least its been a talking point in the office with lots of advice from ardent tomato growers.

Coming along nicely
(taken on May 18th)

Tomato plants

(taken on June 2nd)

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