Friday, June 19, 2009

Is there anyone there?

*Peaks head around door*

IS THERE anyone there? I can't believe how time has gotten away from me. On top of being manically busy with work, when I got home at night if I wasn't still working I was flaked out so my blogging suffered. So apologies I didn't intend at all to take a break but all of a sudden weeks have past.

I have to decide whether or not to continue with my 365 project, I missed some days over the last couple of weeks. And I should have been more organised with the pics I did take. I have spent the last few days hunting them out from all my work photograph folders when I should have taken them out at the time and put them into a to do folder as I went along. At times it was just easier to do what I had to do work-wise and put my own stuff on the long finger, even if finding all the pics through the so many thousands I have been taking has felt like needles in haystacks.

Previously I resolved that I would try where possible to post each day as I got it, but again best intentions and all that so please forgive the glut of photography posts I am going to post in an attempt to catch up. I didn't want to have an overload of catch-up 365 posts which I will have - eek. There are days missing here and there and nearly a week from when I was ill. While I said missing a few days wouldn't stop me from continuing I have to decide whether or not I have missed too many at this stage. I'll post and take it from there though I am loathe to give it up after nearly making it to six months.

I have also some other things to do, and if you were in contact with me and I haven't gotten back to you, do contact me again in case the email got lost in the many I resolved to 'come back to' and haven't so far. Once again sorry for not posting and thanks for bearing with me. I am looking forward to a summer of taking pics of my own choosing (mostly anyway).



Claire said...

Looks like you and I have had a similar couple of months. Ho hum, back in the saddle, good to see you posting again :)

Red Mum said...

I know, its been mad, and good to see you posting again :)

hmmon said...

wahey, opened up the reader to find 41 new posts! welcome back!

Red Mum said...

Ach you are very sweet hmmon, thats made my day :)