Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yardening - 365

THE yarden got a lot of attention over the weekend, more planting, this time of flowers. I also attempted, foolishly, to move my sweet pea plant which I grew from seed last summer. Unfortunately it took in one of my planters where I am growing sugar snap peas. I planted them together last year with the idea of lovely colourful popping up in and around the gorgeous green flowers of the sugar snap peas. Unfortunately only one took hold but was spread out over the trellis of the next planter box (am I losing you here).

I decided that I would try to move the sweet pea before all the peas came up (the ones I planted before Christmas are doing great, and I have staggered other planting to get a long summer of peas) but it wasn't happy and half of the plant was droopy by the next day. When I checked earlier it was mostly droopy. I knew it was a risk but still thought it was worth trying. Anyway I'll find something to replace it. Its just a pity as it was pretty big and went back and forth.

Among the other things I did was sort out my hanging basket. I was overrun with nastershums last year drowning the other flowers which I had to move never mind making a great feast for some small black pest so I have gone with other things this year, alyssum, petunias and a small white flower called snowflake. Anything left over from the planter trays I planted into pots. Hopefully I will have an explosion of lovely colours over the summer. (April 21st)

The hanging basket is hanging

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Anonymous said...

Yes, yardening is fantastic. Especially when you can watch your kids play outdoors, e.g. in their sand pit