Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jim Larkin - 365

JUST attempting another major 365 catch up before it gets completely out of control. I will have to, as far as possible, post these closer to the days they were taken than I am currently as it is becoming hard to find pics from days gone by with the amount of pics I've been taking.

Anyway here's a big burst of picture posts, please do comment if you like anything you see, the comments on the 365 posts have been drawing tumble weed (my own fault for posting two weeks at a time) course if nothing moves you in any of them, you are of course free to move on ;)

This was pretty much a commissioned pic, and its Jim Larkin, O Connell Street, Dublin, taken on March 23rd (I told you it was a major catch-up.

Jim Larkin - 365

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