Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Festival of Fools - 365

I STUMBLED upon this lot on April Fool's Day, they have been organising a Festival of Fools for a couple of years and the two were singing, if anyone can tell us more please do.

March 30_5043


Anonymous said...

This was the Festival of Fools walking tour, which took in all the sites and sights of mischief, skullduggery and comic events from the Spire to the later festival club. The singers were reciting 'The Meeting of the Waters' by Thomas Moore in front of his great statue and in front of the great victorian underground toilet facility he oversees, which is at present closed to the public until further notice. The walking guide suggested that they may not actually be toilets at all but an entrance to the Metro! I hope you will investigate this with the council.

Red Mum said...

LOL thanks a million for the update :)