Sunday, April 19, 2009

'Doing' the kitchen

THIS has to be a record, herself has been 'doing' the kitchen since 8pm, it is now 12.11am. When I say 'doing' obviously I mean talking on the phone, listening to music and dancing about like a mad thing.

You'd think there was loads to do, there wasn't/isn't. There were few dishes, groceries to put away and to clear away the corners where she has been cultivating the beginnings of clutter; you know the sort, tea-towels, tea-bags, ketchup, plates, etc.

Anyway I can hear her gabbing away, looks like she will be definitely beating her record this evening. So much for early to bed to start trying to get back into school mode!


Redacorn said...

I hear ye red mum,been there done that but i'm an ejeeit for it,i just tell her to leave it and i'll do it myself(and properly)they know what there doing,little feckers!

Red Mum said...

I know redacorn Nanny is a divil for that, herself only needs to pull a face when asked to do the dishes and nanny pipes in 'ah leave her alone I'll do them'.

That drives me nuts cos when I was growing up it was a far cry from that I got.

I refuse to say leave it, as I refuse to rewash dirty dishes, only thing is I am even boring myself giving out about food poisoning!