Monday, March 09, 2009

Stickers - 365

I FOUND this sticker during the blog awards and hoped I would meet herself (I don't think I did - though given the night in it, it is entirely possible that I bent her ear and am completely oblivious to that fact). But I stuck it on my purse and it stayed there for a week, which is verified by the sticker's dirty dog ears. There was a fair bit of sticker swapping over the weekend, I was Cian from Irish Election at one point :)

name tags


The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Ha! I have to say, it's entirely possible we did meet but I can't be sure. The stickers lead to some interesting conversations, and Mr. Pedestrian realising he that trying to read someone's sticker might be misconstrued as staring at their boobs.

Anonymous said...

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