Monday, March 23, 2009

Some pointers for Sky salespeople

A COUPLE of weeks ago some salesperson from Sky cable called to my house, three times in one evening, trying to sell me a Sky package. During their first call to the house I asked them to call back as it wasn't a good time, I did not expect them back two more times that evening, so finally I told them that I wasn't interested. This was probably more to do with the three calls in one evening more than anything else.

Then on Friday night past, during Coronation Street, another salesperson called to our door asking did I want Sky and once again, as I was in the middle of a heap of things, I asked them to come back again. He did an hour later...

As Ellybabes and Rabble Muse were expected any minute I told the Sky Guy that I wasn't interested. And ooohhhh he was not impressed in the slightest and told me that it was a pity as he could have saved me a load of money.

Might I suggest a couple of things to Sky:

Firstly my home time is incredibly precious to me and I am not happy answering the door in my pjs on a Friday evening after a busy week in work to pushy salespeople no matter how wonderful your deal is.

Secondly have some literature which details how you can save me money, recognise when someone cannot talk to you (or indeed does not want to talk to you) and give them the details. I will look at it. Calling repeatedly back to my house will see me say an outright NO. I am not trying to waste your time, I am trying to preserve my own. Oh yeah and don't be narky with them when they say no, thats our choice as consumers. Being narky with me, a potential customer, does not endear me to your company in the slightest.

Thirdly I am not at all comfortable answering my front door at night to strange men. I imagine I am far from being alone in this and I do find it mad, that a company such as Sky, would adopt such a sales method.

Fourthly drop the aggressive salespitch, that will turn me off straight away and I will say NO.

Finally if you cover an area one time, its probably best to wait a decent amount of time before hitting it again, ie a lot longer than a matter of weeks.


Yummy Mammy said...

I had one call to my house not so long back. To say he practically barged into the house was an understatement. He sort of mumbled something to me about my tv being something or other and then the next thing he's past me and into the sitting room looking at my tv to see if it was, something or other (technical speak I didn't understand). I stood there quite shocked and small child was also in the sitting room in her pj's. I managed to get him back to the front door saying that I was about to put child to bed and didn't have time right now. At 9.30pm he returned, rang the doorbell. I was on the loo at the time so didn't exactly rush to answer it. So he rang it again, and then again, woke the child, got me very annoyed and then got to told to p**s off and not call again. I was going to complain to Sky but then got more bothered about getting child back to sleep so left it at that.

Needless to say I won't be switching to Sky anytime soon

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. Can I borrow this for all the cold-calling salespeople I get on my doorstep? I'm thinking of typing it up several times on a sheet of A4. Then I will have compliement like slips to hand to them. And instead of Sky I'll put (insert the name of your company here). Or in the case of Jehovah's Witnesses - religion.

Thanks Red Mum, that's really got my juices flowing, I really hate these kinds of intrusions.

rabble said...

I always find drawing on a moustache and giving them 'come hither eyes' always does the trick

Audrey said...

tell them your Amish.

Beelzeberry said...

I try to waste salespeople's time as much as possible. Not very nice, I know, but I like to think I'm helping delegate karma.

Anonymous said...

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Hot Picture said...

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John said...

Tell them you are interested in saving money and would they go to Donnybrook via Leinster House and ask why does RTE get advertising revenue and the licence fee.

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People of Ireland wake up and smell the coffee (after all it is getting reduced in price!).