Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama-fest - 365

I WAS going home last night when I spotted these shop mannequins sporting Obama's face. A group of American's were not at all happy complaining about the Irish obsession with Obama and how his family tree was even traced to Irish roots. I felt compelled to say that happens with all American presidents, they didn't seem pleased at my contribution to their moan.

At first it sounded to me like kids going 'mine' with toys but as someone pointed out today they are more likely not Obama supporters so the Irish and worldwide obsession with the American President must grate particularly hard on them.

So I snapped my pic and went on my way until 2o feet down Dawson Street where the Apollo Gallery is sporting an Obama portrait painted by Tom Byrne in the window. Obsessed, us?

Obamas on special offer

Obama by Tom Byrne - available in the Apollo Gallery, Dawson Street.


C.K. said...

Obsessed, us?

Too funny about the mannequins! Can the shop legally even do this? I doubt Obama signed a contract with them to model coats ;-)

Red Mum said...

CK there has been a lot of unofficial Obama stuff, this made me laugh.

C.K. said...

Just please tell me there haven't been any leprechaun hats involved!