Monday, February 02, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow - 365

I TOOK quite a few pics today, culminating in this selection. I took more on my way home, featuring things like lone footprints on snowy pavements, me sliding (yahoo), my snowy street and for the first time ever the card became corrupted. I managed, thanks to help from Twitter buddy @magnumlady, to recover the files, but they are too teeny tiny to do anything with, so this is it for today.

The big child in me wants more snow, I want photographs. And of course everyone, be safe in the weather.

Snow in Stoneybatter


Anonymous said...

I lost an entire overseas holiday lot of photos that way once. I managed to get them all back - in full size - on my return using some data recovery software. Worked a treat. If you haven't formatted that card yet and want to try again pop over and leave me a comment and I'll find out which software it was. Hate to think of this happening and it was enough for me to delurk - you take great photos.

Red Mum said...

Thanks 12ontheinside I did format it before I realised I could try to recover them, will not forget that in the future.