Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nominations open for 2009 Irish Blog Awards

NOMINATIONS have opened for the 2009 Irish Blog Awards and will close at 6pm on January 14th, so don't forget to nominate your favourite blogs, you can find the nomination form on the awards website.

Damien has been hard at it working away organising this year's awards which for the first time are moving to Ireland's third capital city, Cork. Hey I am a nordie, Belfast is the number 2 city ;)

But back to the weekend, personally I can't wait, we have a full posse going, Young Wan, Nanny, as well as some pals and we are heading down for the whole weekend. It should be mighty craic. It is hard to believe it is already a year since the last awards.

Over the last couple of photomeets and other bloggy events we have talked about having a photomeet in Cork on the Saturday afternoon. Hopefully if you are interested in meeting up with a gang of photobloggers you'll be about on Saturday afternoon. What do people think?

EDIT: I should have said, not that you don't already know, but the 2009 Irish Blog Awards take place on Saturday February 21st 2009, at the Cork International Airport Hotel


darren said...

I'm heading down for the weekend too and would be interested in a photomeet.

Nathalie said...

Wohoo, can't wait! Tis been too long since the last photomeet. X

Coastal Aussie said...

I'm so sad it isn't held later on in the year, so I could attend too. Have a great time though ! Can't wait to read all about it. :)

Red Mum said...

@darren nice one

@nathalie has been a long time since I was out and about at a meet.

@coastal aussie thats a shame, you're going to have to work your time in Ireland with the next awards :)