Monday, November 10, 2008

Woo Hoo

WOO HOO; I got a lovely surprise this morning when I learnt via Twitter (thanks Darragh) that I was one of two recipients of October Blog Post of the Month. The post is question was one I wrote about the demonstrations following the Budget, which you can catch here.

Thanks a million whoever nominated me, it really was a wonderful surprise on a sh*tty Monday morning and thanks to everyone for all the congrats :)

As I said I was one of two posts of the month, make sure you stop by the other winner, Gimme, with a beautifully written and very poignant post which you can read on his blog, Stranded on GaiA.

And thanks again :)


Anonymous said...

Very well deserved young lady!

Enjoy the moment!

Red Mum said...

Thanks GM :)

AnnB said...

Thanks for giving us a forum to vent keep up the great work! I've been battling the HSE for nearly 5 yrs trying to get speech therapy for my son I need help! - check out my blog