Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Save cervical cancer services rally

Defend Women's Health Rally:

Save Cervical Cancer Services for Girls and Women.

Saturday, 15th November (this Saturday) at the Spire, O'Connell Street at 2pm

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John Braine said...

Hi there. Best of luck with it! But Friday is the 14th.

Red Mum said...

Thanks John, that correction was in the original email as well... Anyway corrected now.

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry about that. I see someone else at the FOF picked up on it too. thanks for posting - unfortunately, my remit as an Arts blogger means I can't really crowbar it into a post, unless you can write me a poem on why we should march on Saturday!

Fergal Reid said...

Good for you :)

Red Mum said...

Yeah Fiona I read that and in my haste to post posted the wrong date, D'Oh. Trying here to think of things that rhyme with vaccine. Ehm Maxine, taxing, maxing, vaxing! Ok I will stop now... ;)

@Fergal LOL thanks for that, you're a star :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! there

I just heard Pat Carey, the chief whip, state on Newstalk to Eamon Keane that the government believe the BEST OUTCOME for women is an enhanced screening programme BUT that they will consider adding in the cervical vaccination programme at a later stage.

If screening is the best outcome, then why was the vaccine programme announced earlier in the year and why are they still considering it?

Like all the other budget decisions, this one makes no sense and the more they try to rectify their mistake, the worse it gets.

Spare me!

Fergal Reid said...

Redmum, I was in the Dail gallery on Tuesday, when James Reilly was hammering into Harney. I have a quote recorded from the VP of SIPTU on the matter, to be put online 2m.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Red Mum, taxing will do nicely . . . Unfortunately I'll miss the march myself on Saturday - have to head off for work - but I really hope there's a decent turnout, and have notified all I can. Just need to finish that poem, and I can even blog about it too.