Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday's rally calling on Harney to reinstate the HPV vaccine

SORRY sorry I meant to post about the weekend rally before now but things have been really busy, this is really my first chance to. About 100 people turned up and while I would have loved to see thousands turn up I am also (mostly) realistic and see Saturday as the beginning of a broader campaign, more action will be planned which of course I will post here. I should also say (cos it kinda read that I did) I didn't organise the rally, I set up the Facebook group, got details of the rally and publicised it through the group. Then again while the group may not have decided on where, what and when for the rally, but members did Trojan work spreading the word.

Meanwhile the group has been growing and growing, with lots and lots of comments not to mention links. Between Saturday lunchtime and today the group doubled in size. I have found this phenomenal and absolutely brilliant. Currently there are 5, 355 members and growing.

Throughout the last couple of days I have been able to click refresh on my browser and see the numbers climb upwards. So do expect the campaign to pick up momentum. If you haven't done so please do join the group and we'll keep you informed of anything and everything planned around this issue. Pics of the rally are up on Flickr.

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