Friday, November 07, 2008

Christmas is coming

CHRISTMAS is coming and the O'Connell Street tree, a new one no less, is being constructed as we speak. Apparently it will be lit on Sunday. No harm to anyone but I am still in autumn, not the run-up to Christmas.

One good thing though I have gotten some presents out of the way, some small things I got over the summer, and some other things over the last couple of weeks. I haven't gone mad and won't go mad but it is good this year to be starting to get it out of the way. The last couple of years finances have left things to the last minute and it is not that they are much better this year, but I am determined to do bits and pieces as the weeks move on.

Anyway this wasn't supposed to be a Christmas post, thats your fault for letting me ramble on, the purpose of the post was this photograph.

christmas in teh making


Neil said...

I got really annoyed when I heard they were doing this so early. Apparently, our glorious Lord Mayor, Cllr. Eibhlin Byrne was spouting nonsense about how we should engage in shopping to show our love for our city (unfortunately, I forget the exact phrase she used, but it was clearly written for her by the chamber of commerce)

Katherine said...

Ah, it's way too early; but I am interested to see this tree. I hope it's nice.

Declan said...

Normally it's a real tree, but if they put up a real one this early it would be a twig by Christmas. Maybe it will look nice when the lights are on but I think it looks weird.

Anonymous said...

I argued with a taxi man t'other night about early Christmas! Come on now.

Red Mum said...

@Neil I heard her on the radio before the tree turning on saying that. I'll go wherever including the north, if I get transport :)

@katherine it is too early, particularly for a big tree...

@declan this is interesting, but I do like the tree. This may have been better up by City Hall.

@raptureponies When you say 'come on now' - do you mean come on wise up or come on with the Christmas ;) I imagine the taxi driver was arguing for more money spending therefore earlier Christmas ;)