Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ryder Cup at the All-Ireland

I DON’T think anyone noticed the photoshop disaster (do check out the photoshop disaster website) on the back pages of the Indo this week, thanks to my colleague's eagle eye we all had a giggle at it. I've been meaning to post about it but have only gotten around to it now. Maybe you have all seen it already, if you have you should probably move along now.

But if you haven't, here you go. Can you spot what it is?

On Monday the Indo ran a photograph of Tyrone’s Tommy McGuigan celebrating scoring the only goal at the weekend’s All Ireland Final against Kerry. The image taken by David Maher from Sportsfile shows a jubilant Tommy and an umpire lifting a flag which appears to have a cup perched on it. And not the Sam Maguire Cup, no, the Ryder Cup. :)


Anyways well done Tyrone bringing Sam up North for the first time since 1960. You can see more pics from the final in the Indo as well as a cropped version of the above pic


Donncha said...

That's very sloppy! What were they hoping to do putting *any* cup in that photo? Ridiculous!

Manuel said...

awesome! bwaahahaha......