Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Add to Set

IF YOU are about in Belfast over the next while you really should make a point of going to one of the many, many events organised by Trans '08. And maybe one in particular :)

There are two cool things out of many that I want to point you to, one is a panel discussion featuring Pennie Smith who shot the fantastic Clash London Calling cover. Also on the panel is our own Moochin Photoman discussing digital versus film. This panel starts at 5pm.

At 7pm Pennie Smith will then launch the Add to Set exhibition featuring photobloggers including myself and I'm absolutely thrilled to be taking part and even more than delighted they're using my Holy batman pic for the exhibition webpage. Choosing what to submit to the group was a toughie but I finally settled on this bunch.

You've probably come across some of the other participants; just in case you haven't the others who are taking part, that I know of, are Gingerpixel, Alan, Iced Coffee, John, Andy and Mark (there's probably more I don't know about but will add them when I do).

looks like a brilliant festival with so many amazing things to do from masterclasses in photography to gigs to all manner of special events to you name it its probably happening. So check out the website, their blog, Facebook page, Bebo, My Space, You Tube and Flickr. By the way Add to Set continues until August 10th and you can find it on the top level of the Waterfront Hall (Gallery 2) do stop by and let us know what you think.

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