Monday, June 23, 2008

Seeing Red

Walk this way (in reverse - sort of)

Black and red on rainy Grafton Street


Manor Street - Smithfield Horsefair

Roasting tomatoes

Tea, wine and salad dressing

toe jam

I heart birdie

Vietnam Memorial




Darragh said...

What a great theme for photos! Now you'll have me looking for matches in all the ones I take. Nice one!

The tomatoes and the rose are stunning. My favourites for their vividness!

Red Mum said...

Thanks Darragh, I'd say you'll see more matches than you'd think.

The tomatoes were even lovelier when cooked ;)

Darragh said...

I'm a big fan of tomatoes in soup and on bruschetta.

However I'll always remember ordering what I thought was cream of tomato soup in quite a nice restaurant on Rome and they came back with a bowl of warm cream and tomatoes in the top.

Lost in translation indeed!

Will start keeping an eye out for the colours!

phil said...

great collection of photos.

Nathalie said...

Really lovely!
You've inspired me: