Friday, May 16, 2008

A lovely memory

I'M watching Eastenders and Everything but the Girl's 'Missing' is playing and I just remembered a wonderful memory from years ago. The Young Wan asked me one of those inquisitive sweet questions that only a young child can ask. She was about just about three at the time and thinking about it, it is a pretty big question for that age. She was so smart (still is) I never thought anything of her asking me it at the time other than it being deadly cute.

She asked me 'do deserts miss the rain?


ManicMammy said...

That is so sweet. That song always takes me back to a hot summer day in Dublin, me thinking I was totally cool in my first car, a navy Rover Metro driving along Dorset street, heading to work at the airport, missing my boyfriend at the time, now husband and father of my 5 kids, who was working in California. Anytime I hear it, it immediately takes me back to that day. Thanks for the memory!

Red Mum said...

@Manicmammy delighted to be throwing some lovely memories out there :)