Monday, April 28, 2008

Garden update

WHEN I moved recently into our new house with a little back yard, I could not wait to get growing in the little back yard. And I've gone a bit mad but I am loving it. I have written about this already and figure this is a good a place as many to chart my progress or lack of here, you can read my first post from March 30th here.

The first thing I did, even before we moved in was plant bulbs in pots but I left them too long before transporting them outside and they began to grow. So I left them out the back in the new place over the winter and up they came again which has been a lovely surprise as I had completely forgotten what I planted. I have had beautiful blue flowers which I cannot remember at all what they are, the tulips are coming up now and I have really enjoyed the beautiful crepe-like flower, again no name there sorry.

I LOVE these flowers, and I cannot remember what they are called.

More flowers

Come spring I began sowing seeds in earnest and spending too much money in the local Woodies and so far I have planted tomatoes, carrots, sugar-snap peas, courgettes, kale, various salad leaves, spinach, strawberries and all from seed. I also bought a berry bush, mini crab-apple tree, rhubarb as well as a cucumber plant.

Most things came up pretty quickly between the heat of the house and the cracking little greenhouse everything except the tomatoes which have only in the last week put in an appearance. The following images were taken last weekend and things have even come on so much since then. I will include the before photographs just to give you an idea as well.

Tomatoes, carrots and sugar-snap peas...

tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes

Tomatoes not looking good - sorry Mymsie :(

Finally the tomatoes decide to make an appearance, carrot and peas doing splendid

Even since this was shot last week, all the tomatoes have come up now and everything is looking great. I have also planted some sweet pea flowers which I hope to guide up a trestle to grow with the sugar peas and the runnerbeans I'll be planting next month. The sweetpeas are doing brilliantly and are in serious need of being planted outside, unfortunately until I get the 'stuff' moved from the other corner, there is little I can do except hope they don't give up the growing ghost.

Sweet pea and some flowers

Sweet pea and other flowers

Meanwhile in the greenhouse...

More salad leaves looking great


Salad leaves, spinach and sunflowers.

Pots and pots

Mixed salad leaves looking lovely

My greenhouse produce - coming along nicely

Berry bush

Two berry bushes and something lovely and flowery

One pot of berries happy as larry unlike the other pot

Not everything has done well though, the pots below were doing great and then I went to the States and the Young Wan, who became a mini Dermot Gavin, I think beat these to death with the water spray. I do have other chives and coriander happily growing away in the greenhouse though.

Chives and coriander

More again soon, as I said things are coming along even more since I took these pictures last weekend, I'll update again later in the week. I am also documenting this on Flickr.


ails said...

the blue flowers are grape hyacinth's

CyberScribe said...

The title for your post should've been How to turn a back yard into a jungle

looking good :-)

Red Mum said...

@ails ahhh thanks a million, that sounds about right.

@cyberscribe we have been joking about where I am going to put the shed! You couldn't swing a cat in the yard, so I am going to have to be spacially economic! I reckon some shelves will go a long way, course with a table and chairs it will all be a stretch :)

stwidgie said...

That's an ambitious list of vegetables, Red Mum. I love seeing "courgettes" in there. We call 'em zucchini here, and they are a plague come late July and August. There's the joke about the person who left his car parked with the windows rolled down and came back to find the car full of zucchini. Actually, I'm wondering if they'd be the key to food self-sufficiency when the price of other staples rises beyond everyone's means... :^)

Alex said...

You've definitely got the bug, RM - it's great to see everything you've done so far. You might want to pinch out the growing tips of those sweetpeas so they get nice and bushy:-)