Sunday, March 02, 2008

Irish Blog Awards 2008 - short post

A POST on the Irish Blog Awards is coming soon. Too. tired. Now. To. Do. Anything. ZZzzzzzz. But here are a few taster pics, I have a post in progress which I'll upload post when I feel more human again and am sure I haven't written complete and utter rubbish.

I really enjoyed meeting up with everyone, new and not-so-new faces and the heartiest congrats to all the winners and well done Mr Mulley for another crackingly good evening. But as I said more later...

badges badges badges

Ladies team
Ladies tea 

Photo meet group shot
Photo meet group


Anonymous said...

Was great to meet you on sat. I had a great weekend. Photos on Flickr, blog entry to come.

It was my first photoblog/flickr meetup and i loved it. Gonna do it much more often from now on. Also determined to get to dublin again before the awards next year.

Red Mum said...

Good to meet yourself and Andy too, photomeets are great craic. We'll have to do more and I will get up to Belfast again soon and hopefully do another one there.