Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Young Wan - Radio Star

THE Young Wan was on the radio last night. She texted into the station with a helpful hint and they phoned her back. She rushed in all excited telling us that she was going to be on the radio. A few minutes later she turned the sound up and all we could hear was herself saying 'never sit on a plug - it really hurts!

Once the texts starting coming in from her pals she was pretending to be embarrassed rolling her eyes saying she shouldn't have gone on. It must be so hard to cope with fame at such a young age ;)


Ben said...

be prepared for diva like behaviour next, like unusual request like 15 bottles of water and square apples and to have water at a certain temperature.
Dont sit on a plug, good advice for life though

Red Mum said...

"be prepared for diva like behaviour next,"

Nothing new there then and thats just me ;)

Curly K said...

Ah bless, but do you not remember how exciting it was to be seen as cool (especially if like me, you never were!) or really popular. All those emotions and hormones - life really is a roller-coster at that age!