Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunny Saturday shots

I WAS thinking of meeting up over the weekend with the other members of the Meet Dublin group on Flickr for a Dublin 8 photo meet. Unfortunately they were actually on a tour of Kilmainham Gaol at the time and phones were on silent so I didn't get through. As I pottered about town waiting to hear from them I got some snaps of people enjoying their Saturday and enjoying the wonderful Spring weather.

To kill some time I went into Habitat which was having a clearance sale and bought some lovely plates. Unfortunately I then got a text telling me where the group was but didn't think a bag of plates was a practical addition to the day so I headed on home. Anyway here's some of what I got on Saturday morning and check out the photo pool of the Meet Dublin group to see what they were up to at the same time.

Saturday afternoon on Grafton Street

Saturday afternoon on Grafton Street




Ben said...

theyd wanna be some plates!

I feel compelled to ask you to take a photo of them now...

I really like the one you took behind the street entertainer and facing the crowd!


Red Mum said...

LOL @Ben I might just take a snap of my lovely new crockery! I think the behind the entertainer shot is my favourite :)

Anonymous said...

That photo in the middle is my friend lol!!
Thats frank XD