Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lovely lovely light and pints

I AM really loving the longer evenings and the light at the moment, all I can say is wow. I have found myself on a couple of occasions standing like a mad eejit just looking up enjoying all the beautiful colours spreading over everything. Course other times I am trying to capture it. I took this one in Trinity yesterday evening on my way home from work.


Did I say on my way home, ehm on my way home via the pub, the Brazen Head to be exact.

Brazen Head


Ben said...

That the cricket pitch bench in Trinity? If it is: Alas memory lane, where young ben did a lot of his 'cooourtin' there looking out on such sunsets and a belly full of porter from Fitzsimons/Kennedys around the corner...

It's not: Eh nice photo anyway haha

Red Mum said...

It is the cricket pitch, so nookie on the cricket pitch then? Its a bit exposed for that, isn't it ;)

Thanks for stopping by.

Ben said...

Ah not nookie, just innocent bit of neckin' :) Nothing that sordid