Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is that a didgeridoo?

I HAVE been discovering a lot of old pics I had completely forgotten about, not to mention cameras, since the move including a lomo which I will haul out shortly, possibly for the photo-meet fancy coming? I collected them, mostly polaroids, while at college.

One picture I found is a 20x16 fibre-paper image of the Young Wan at about five years old on Belfast's Springfield Road with a Peace Line behind her. She is standing on a bollard with her arms outstretched and her head slightly tilted singing. I love the pic. And following on from what I was saying before one of the buttons on her wee skirt is undone, typical.

The print is black and white and I tinted it sepia-toned. While I cut off the top of one of her hands, as many of you know you can't get kids to pose exactly the way you want particularly when you want them to be spontaneous, I still love the pic. The abandonment on her face is so endearing. I won't talk about how I am looking at the photo thinking 'I burnt that in very badly' - it still is a wonderful reminder of how free and unrestricted about joy the Young Wan was.

Which brings me back to the title of this post, I was admiring the beauty of fibre paper which is a high quality photographic paper used for exhibitions and archiving. You can not only see the higher quality but you can also feel it in your fingers.

So I was demonstrating this to Nanny but holding the photo in my two hands and flipping it up and down making a very satisfying clipped boing sound. And I said 'do you hear that, when you do that with a normal print it doesn't sound like...

I didn't have time to finish before Nanny said 'a didgeridoo?

'Ehm no, it doesn't sound like this (fanning the print again)!


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