Monday, February 18, 2008

First trip to the zoo

FOR the last year and a half I have been documenting little Ella's progress since she was born. I have a ridiculous amount of pics of this beautiful cherub, a lot more than I do of my own cherub - blame digital photography.

Waiting for Tara's baby

Baby H - Day 2

Nephew Stephen offers his name suggestions - Day 2 Little feet - just born

The weekend saw her first visit to the zoo and I can tell you it is not easy negotiating a pram, bags and a camera while trying to capture some of the child's wonderment at all the animals. But I tried and was happy with what I managed to get. It is a pity many of the animals were in bed! And I wasn't fit for much else myself afterwards.

Ella and Tara

Ella and Tara

Ella and Tara


Laura said...

Lovely pictures and beautiful child ... well done again

Tara said...

AH what a lovely child.

Biased Ma

Red Mum said...

@Laura thanks, she is a beautiful subject and due to having a camera shoved in her face from she was born, she loves it.

@Tara well she is gorgeous

Queen Of Clean said...

What a lovely child, fab photos too.

We haven't made it to Dublin Zoo yet, the three older boys used to love going to Zoos when they were smaller, but #4 is too much of a handful to let loose on the elephants, so I'll have to wait a while longer.

I read back some of your posts about Ella, it brought back some memories about my preemie (the handful) I still get cold shivers when I see those monitors.