Thursday, February 07, 2008

Experiencing g-force

DURING her extended stay with us in Dublin Nanny has been taking advantage of all sorts of things in our new neighbourhood as well as one or two things in our old area.

She has been doing computer classes, mosaic-making and beauty classes, and now she has turned her attention towards the special deal in the local Chartbusters who are advertising their new amazing ‘machine that exercises you as you do nothing’ vibrating yoke.

Explaining it all she said apparently Madonna uses it among others, so off Nanny went to give it a try in the nearby Chartbusters store.

She boarded the machine and got herself into the position which was supposed to work toning up her arms, abs, torso, all sorts of things. Bending over slightly she turned on the machine and all of a sudden was vibrating like she was re-entering orbit.

Her cheeks were going mad, her head was shaking, in fact even her eyes were vibrating on this machine. She couldn’t get off it quick enough. We laughed our heads off last night listening to her recount how the machine worked on her as she was bent over with ass in the air.

Then we had the image of poor Nanny being vibrated within an inch of her life in the middle of the store, where people perusing Casino Royale with Nanny being shaken not stirred beside them.

Thankfully those brave enough to experience g-force have their own wee private booths. I’m not sure if Nanny will be back, I think she found the vibrating eyeballs a little more than disturbing. Can't say I blame her.

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Grannymar said...

Where was it? Where was it? I need a thrill!! ;)