Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All about Honey

ball control Honey
Just look at that ball control.

While many people think she looks like a puppy and indeed she still plays like a puppy, Honey is now four years old. I should at some stage record some of her antics because she has a lot more since the last time I did - you should see her with balloons. Because we love her we think she is deadly cute and sit talking all the time about all the cute things she does.

One of her latest 'tricks' is prompted when you ask her 'are you shaking?' and she tenses herself her and shakes, it is very, very funny. When she thinks she is getting a treat she manically does all her tricks at once, which you can see in the video below.

And she loves balls particularly the squeaky kind. Sometimes this drives us nuts so we accidentally throw the offending article behind the settee which is angled against the wall and she can't get in but can manage to squeeze her head behind the wall and sofa. Then she sits and moans and groans because she can't get at it. No matter how many times we play with the softer, less noisier balls, she will always plod back to her spot and moan again. She has the determination of something very determined indeed.

Honey 1 Honey 2
Honey 3 Honey 4
Honey 5

Honey Honey

Spoiled rotten ;)


Jasey said...

She has the cutest face, especially when she is looking up at the camera from behind the sofa..a

Red Mum said...

She really does have the cutest face, but then I am wildy biased. One look from her puppy dog eyes and my heart melts...