Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meet Dublin 7 - Flickr meet part 2

SATURDAY saw myself and a band of merry photographers once again pound the streets of Dublin 7 as part of the latest Flickr meet. Another good day indeed with more planned, check out the group for more details. I have also put out a call for a photo meet on the afternoon before the Irish Blog Awards, comment in this post if you are interested and keep an eye out for developments.

Meanwhile here's some shots from the weekend.

Local models

"What are you doing Missus?


Meet Dublin 7

Meet Dublin 7


Brian said...

Just thought I'd leave a comment to praise you on your excellent writing.

I first saw your work in the Echo along with that other fine columnist, who sadly has stopped blogging.

In the last week I have read every post you have made to your blog and I would echo the sentiment of Joe Bloggs for sure that you certainly have the talent to be a full-time author.

keep up the good work,


Red Mum said...

You're very kind Brian and I'll try my best :)

I'll also pass on the lovely praise to Kaz to try and get her back blogging