Monday, December 17, 2007

"This is an emergency - I want to talk to the Prime Minister"

Like many people I often have to take phonecalls from the public which can be delightful at times ;) I can only imagine what it must be like for those working our emergency lines. Crank calls and people phoning inappropriately has prompted Cambridgeshire Police to take action and post one of those calls on their website (which is also using podcasts). Have a listen yourself.


Donncha said...

Hahaha. That was crazy! I wonder what are the legal implications of putting that online?

Anyway, very silly woman. I hope that was a joke call, but then she could be arrested for wasting police time ..


The Distant Rambler said...

one word idiot (and that' too good)

Andi said...

I work as a police dispatcher here in Ohio and I get calls ALL the time like that on the 911 line. People asking for numbers of other people, people asking why they haven't seen the mayor around lately etc.,

We DO send officers round and if they feel the person is being an 'idiot' they give them a citation.

I kept waiting for the operator to hang up!!!! I would have. If she calls back, she gets arrested.

Oh well......

Red Mum said...

@Donncha I suppose if 999 calls can be used in court, maybe the only legal implications are for the idiot woman.

@Andi I feel for you having to deal with nonsense like that. People are inherently lazy.