Monday, November 12, 2007

Teenagers are not the only ones who need privacy

PARENTS have been mislead, completely and utterly. Here we are trying to give our kids/teenagers space/privacy, when the little ahem dears do not return the favour.

In our house part of that lack of privacy for adults is obviously down to the fact that I have an (AHEM) en-suite bathroom so that means my bedroom is a rat-run for everyone who comes into the flat and who needs to utilise the amenities. Therefore the Young Wan does too. In fact my room is her room or so it has become over the last couple of years.

When she was younger this wasn't a problem but as she has gotten older and maybe as her room has gotten messier, she has spilled over into the only space in the flat that is mine, toilet runs aside of course. And my lack of privacy has gotten worse and it is starting to wear heavy on me.

As parents we believe that we need to give our kids privacy, we need to show trust, we need to allow them to grow and develop. But wait a minute what about when they consistently violate our privacy or maybe it is just herself. But if there is something to be hoked through, she has done it down to traipsing friends through my room.

At one stage it was so bad that I would threaten to lock my room and leave her a bucket in which to do her ahem business in, but I couldn't bring myself to carry out the threat, who could. But looking back on it given recent events, it really doesn't sound as bad a threat as it once did, jaysus tonight it actually sounds reasonable.

That is because all hell broke loose tonight, I don't want to go into it because I won't violate her privacy in that way, but I am actually quite upset about it. I know I blog about our lives, sometimes warts and all but I have my own boundaries regarding that and there are lines I won't cross.

Needless to say I am counting down the days until we are in the new house and my room is no one's space but mine and I am so gonna put the biggest lock on the door and woe betide any Young Wan who even thinks about going in there without permission.


The Muller said...

Keep the pron on the computer where it belongs!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain and could add my own. When you are solo parenting, privacy is even harder to come by, as there is only 1 adult in the house LOL!